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When you flip houses with me, there is absolutely no gambling involved.

I help you secure the property for a good price, give you a budget to stay within for renovations and tell you the after repair value for the properties before you even start. 


With the construction background I come with and the network of contractors, electricians, and plumbers I have, I am able to help my investors project manage, and work side by side with them throughout the entire flipping process. From designing the entire home to dealing with vendors, I am INVOLVED 100% of the time!  

Once an investor work with me, they can never go back to another realtor.  

Don't take my words for it. Contact me today and I will introduce you to some of my investors and they can tell you all about how things work differently with me! 


Call or Text (631) 561-7015 for all Inquiries. 

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