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Get to know me more!

Hi. My name is Oakar Reinstein. I am your licensed Realtor, your neighbor and your friend! And just like you... I am a New Yorker for life! Aside from the love I have for Real Estate, I love playing basketball, football and all other sports. I love being active. I work 24/7 and 7 days a week, by choice! I got in Real Estate because I loveeeee working with people and houses! My job allows me to help people everyday and create life long friendships! At the same time, I get to witness houses reform every single day! Where else can I get that?!?! 

Now, this is the part where I am supposed to tell you my qualifications so you will hire me. I will keep it short and sweet...The reason you should hire me is because I am different! 

1. I love my job! So helping you buy or sell your home, I actually look forward to that! 

2. I have what others don't! On top of my Real Estate knowledge & experience, I bring a whole lot more to the table. I bring my network full of buyers, investors and other real estate professionals. I also bring my marketing and photography skills.  

3. I actually care. With me, you are more than just a transaction. I will always look out for your best interest. 

4. I am not a typical sales man. I don't pressure people. My clients call and do business with me because they need my service and they trust me to get the job done. Not because I am pressuring them into it. 

The list can go on and on but what is the point in that? Contact me and find out exactly what it is like to do business with me first hand. 

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